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Enrollment in online courses for students outside Minnesota

National Council for 古天乐代言太阳城集团 Authorization Reciprocity Agreements: Approved Institution (logo)

Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 University must comply with a state's regulations before any educational activity can occur within that state. Those regulations determine whether Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 can offer students a place in an online course or program. To meet each state's regulations and requirements, Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 participates in the National Council of 古天乐代言太阳城集团 Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA).

Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 became a SARA institution in March 2015. In short, this allows students from NC-SARA approved states to enroll in online degree programs. Currently, only one state (California) is not covered by the agreement.

Students who are currently accessing or plan to access Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 online courses from other states should understand the following critical information:

Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 is only authorized to offer online courses to students who reside in states covered by the 古天乐代言太阳城集团 Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. 古天乐代言太阳城集团s that participate in SARA are highlighted in blue on the NC-SARA map.

The university's participation in SARA does not mean that online programs that lead to professional licensure will meet the requirements of each and every state. It is the student's responsibility to check with their home state's licensing office to determine if the university's programs will comply with the licensing requirements of that state.

Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 students who wish to resolve grievances are encouraged to follow the Metropolitan 古天乐代言太阳城集团 complaint process. Minnesota students who are unable to resolve a complaint in this manner should file their complaint with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Additionally, any student attending under SARA provisions has the right to file a complaint with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Steps on how to file a complaint with this office are found at Minnesota Office of Higher Education.